Examples: Engineering Analysis

Approximately 60% Defense Cases

Examples of Hundreds of Engineering Investigations Conducted:

  • Metal forming presses and related safety requirements.
  • Plastic and rubber injection and compression molding equipment.
  • Exercise equipment malfunctions.
  • Industrial forklift and material handling systems.
  • Automobile and truck accident causation analysis including power liftgate malfunction.
  • Analysis of firearms design factors and accident reconstruction.
  • Cost reduction of UPS FedEx Delivery Vehicles
  • Design analysis of industrial overhead cranes.
  • Design analysis of residential windows and doors.
  • Building floor surface analysis of design and construction.
  • Safety warnings and labels.
  • Robotic welding and assembly equipment safety.
  • Aircraft equipment performance and guarding/warring analysis.
  • Vehicle safety systems malfunctions.
  • Wheelchair design and function issues.
  • Misuse and consequent failure of earthmoving equipment.
  • Misapplication of auto reverse sensors resulting in injuries to repair personnel.
  • Malfunction of escalator.
  • ATV rollover investigation.
  • Damage to homeowners' property caused by malfunctions of electrical wiring, non-functional sump pumps, dishwasher leaks and malfunctions.
  • Improper guarding of industrial equipment pinch points and energy release.
  • Residential and commercial door opening/closing mechanism malfunctions.
  • Improper guarding of wooden truss manufacturing equipment.
  • Industrial equipment anchoring non-compliant with MIOSHA requirements.
  • Residential sewage and storm drain malfunctions.