Determining Liability Exposure

Process of Assessing Incident

  • Accurately assess the potential exposure due to employee, employer, or equipment issues.
  • Determine impact of industry standards violations, including design errors, incorrect warnings, and/or improper guarding. 

Key Assessment Steps

  1.   Employee /  Employer           Issues  
  2.   Equipment  Issues  
  3.   Engineering  Analysis  and                 Evaluation  
  4.   BEA Assessment Report 

Analytical Capabilities

Over 30 Years Professional Engineering Experience / Expert Witness / Forensic Engineering Investigations  

Very Extensive Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Plant Engineering Experience 

Highest-Quality Regulations and  Standards Research (Associates Possess Multiple Degrees in Library Science and Literature Search) 

Validation  and Testing via  Laboratories  Certified by the American Association For Laboratory Accreditation

Investigations and Expert Witness

  • Thorough understanding of details of fact situation and careful preparation for testimony.
  • Clear and regular communications with client.
  • Extremely competent standards research.
  • Multi-disciplined expertise (mechanical, electrical, accident prevention, testing).
  • Quick response.


•Interviews and Site Investigations/Benchmarking

•Standards Research



•Validation of Conclusions


•Assist litigators with questions for effectively deposing opponent witnesses

•Thorough courtroom preparation including presentation of related exhibits.

Preparation for Testimony

Read and Evaluate Complaint 

Review Supporting Documentation 

Theorize Prima Facie Accident Causation

Obtain and Review Relevant Industry Consensus Standards and Governmental Regulations

Conduct Site Inspection(s) if Possible

Evaluate Measurements, Warnings, Guarding, Function, Training, Lighting, Procedures, Documentation 

Photograph Relevant Features

Conduct Benchmarking 

Conduct Testing and Consultations if Necessary

Revisit Accident Causation Theory and Assessment

Report and/or Testify